Electroplate Tile

Electroplate tile is a surface treatment technology that uses electrolytic process to deposit metal or alloy on the surface of ceramic tile to form metal coating. This is a follow-up processing method of ceramic tile, ceramic tile through the electroplating process, the formation of gold, silver color effect, so as to achieve a resplendent decorative effect.

The metal coating on the surface can enhance the gloss and wear resistance, conveying the hard-core future wind.

Different metal plating processes based on the substrate can also be used on the surface of the brick to create the effect of electroplating metal bricks.

Features: full and rich color, decorative strong, convey the sense of technology, future and fashion of the space, create the visual effects of heavy metal, widely used in commercial space, home space wall, porch, background wall, etc.

Colors: silver

Size: 600x600x10mm, 600x1200x10mm.

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