Handmade Tile

The so-called handmade brick, handmade two words is the key. Therefore, there is no standard mode, low industrialization of production technology is one of the signs of handmade brick products, but also the most fundamental difference between handmade brick and industrial, large-scale production of pottery products. Handmade brick heritage is the craft, its characteristics are mainly reflected in its craft culture color, only 50% or more of the process is manually completed products can be called handmade brick, and this is the most fundamental value of handmade brick products.

Handmade bricks are mainly made by hand, which uses traditional Chinese famous kiln porcelain products. The whole production process from embryo making, glaze mixing, glaze applying and feeding is carried out by hand. In all the processes of handmade brick products from molding to firing, traditional manual operation occupies a considerable proportion. Using large cylinder clay with clinker as billet, deliberately using changing temperature when firing, so that the brick body in different temperatures to form an unpredictable color gap, after burning surface roughness has obvious particles, color changes, full of fantastic charm.

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