Rock Slab

Rock slab is a new type of material, belongs to the category of plate. Because of its excellent physical properties and powerful cross-boundary application function, it has become the supernova of environmental protection materials, highly respected and loved by designers. The rock plate is composed of natural minerals by pressing more than 10,000 tons of press and then invested in higher than 1200℃ high temperature fired, it is able to withstand cutting, drilling, grinding and other processing process of oversized new porcelain material. The average weight of traditional tile is 23~27kgs/㎡, while the average weight of ultra-thin rock board is only 7kgs/㎡.

The Rock slab generated by high temperature and high pressure has a Mohs hardness of more than 6, and the characteristics of scratch resistance and wear resistance can be directly tested with a steel knife for scratches. The extremely strong corrosion resistance of rock plate can also be used in acid and alkali laboratory table, hospital antibacterial wall and operating table and other places with higher requirements.

The Rock slab fire coefficient reaches A1 level of non-flammability, high safety factor, water absorption rate as low as 0.06%, the product does not deformation, does not fade, almost unaffected by the influence of external temperature changes. After high temperature firing, the surface is porcelain, combined with nano level anti-fouling treatment, and improve the anti-skid performance of traditional ceramic tiles.

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