Fair-faced concrete slab belongs to a casting molding, do not do any external decoration, directly by the structure of the main body of the concrete itself of the texture, texture and carefully designed construction of the open seam, Zen seam and bolt hole combination and form a natural state of decoration surface. Fair-faced concrete is much better than ordinary concrete, better than ordinary surface color, with a three-dimensional sense, smooth surface, does not pollute the environment and other advantages, as long as more than ordinary concrete layers of protective agents, it will be more natural and harmonious.

The surface of the concrete after stripping is flat and smooth, but on the smooth surface, there may be wood grain. The wood grain of the formwork is different, and the surface texture of exposed concrete is different after demoulding. In addition to environmental protection, fair-faced concrete also avoids cracking, hollow drum, falling off and other quality hazards, reduces engineering quality problems, does not need to plaster and repair, save a lot of construction waste.

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