Hollow Cement Brick

Cement hollow brick is to take cement as the main raw material, after raw material treatment, molding, sintering and other processes finally made into hollow brick. General cement hollow brick hole total area accounts for more than 15 percent of its brick body area

Cement hollow brick is widely used after entering the market, the reason is that cement hollow brick has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good heat preservation, sound insulation and noise reduction performance.

Because hollow brick is light in weight and high in strength, it will not cause heavy pressure to building walls when used in construction, thus, the probability of cracking under heavy pressure is reduced to a large extent.

In addition, the use of cement hollow brick in construction can reduce the pressure of the wall on the ground, so that the pressure inside the wall is the same as the pressure outside the wall, and to some extent, reduce the probability of building cracking. There are holes in the hollow brick body, which is better than solid brick sound insulation effect, to a certain extent to reduce the impact of noise.  Another point is that cement hollow brick is relative to solid brick, has the advantages of environmental protection and no pollution, is the ideal filling material for frame structure buildings.

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