3D tile is a new type of decorative material, is made of UHPC(Ultra High performance concrete).

Compared with ordinary concrete products, it has higher compression resistance, durability, stain resistance and plasticity.

The coloring of 3D tile is mostly processed as a whole. The color paste is mixed in the cement protoplasm before pouring, and the finished product comes with its own color. Some of the more special colors need to be sprayed when the product is formed. Therefore, the color can be customized according to the designer's requirements, and the customized color will have certain requirements on the minimum order quantity of the product.

Product characteristics:

Simple fashion, environmental protection tasteless

The color will not fade

Strong three-dimensional sense, concave and convex

A variety of permutations and combinations, more creative

Applicable space is very wide, indoor and external wall, hotel, office and other commercial space background wall, toilet dry area and so on

Waterproof and antifouling,  installation is simple and quick.

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