Cement Encaustic Tiles

Pure handmade cement tile, also known as Encaustic Cement tile, is building materials with ornamental effect, which are prefabricated moulds and proportioned with natural colors and white cement. Its color is rich and colorful, thick and moist, it is durable.

It is pressed by high pressure, make color cement dense set, set after the hardness is very high, so very wear-resistant. And used for a long time, well maintained, the surface will become smoother, but not let people slip. Pure handmade cement tile, the process is different from ceramic tile, no clay, no glaze, no kiln. It adopts the method of wet manufacturing, and the cement tile is dried outside after production, and then packaged.

Therefore, cement encaustic tiles are environmental protection, high temperature resistance, not easy to crack, not easy to fade, color is enduring. Its conventional specifications are 200x200x15mm, commonly used as floor tile, but some people use it as wall decoration.

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