Jade glass, also known as crystal jade, is a special glass product.The float glass piece is calcined at high temperature by special process to form the transparent glass artificial stone with special texture and natural jade texture. The appearance surface effect is divided into polishing surface and matte surface, polishing surface is as smooth as glass surface; Matte surface, surface reflection effect for diffuse reflection type, with anti-slip effect.


Light transmittance: Jade glass is a whole-body light transmittance material, which can create a kaleidoscopic effect with different lighting effects.

Wear resistance: Hardness up to Mohs level 6, due to the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance, very suitable for outdoor buildings, indoor space, kitchen countertops and other places, and very low maintenance cost.

Corrosion resistance: Jade glass has very high corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, not easy to weather, dirt resistance, used in the kitchen or facade can also keep the color warm and moist for a long time, clean as new.

High temperature resistance: jade glass is similar to high temperature resistance special glass. In the range of rapid cooling and rapid heating temperature that it can withstand, the product performance remains stable.

Zero water absorption: water absorption rate is only 0.016%, almost zero water absorption.

Zero radiation: glass is non-crystalline inorganic non-metallic material, the main component is silicon dioxide formed by high temperature action, no radiation.

Color consistency: jade glass in the production process to ensure that the same batch of fired products uniform texture and no color difference.

Appearance color, usually divided into: pearl white, amber brown, Athens gray, misty rain, emerald green, strong brown, etc.

Thickness, 20mm-30mm, maximum size 1400 mm*3000 mm

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