Glass mosaic is also known as glass brocade brick or cellophane leather brick. It is a small size of colored glass. The general specifications are 20x20 mm, 30x30 mm, 40x40 mm. The thickness is 4-6 mm. It is a small piece of glass Mosaic material of various colors. Glass Mosaic is made of natural minerals and glass powder, is the safest building materials, but also outstanding environmental protection materials. It is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, do not fade, is the most suitable for decorative bathroom room wall floor building materials. It is the most compact decoration materials, the possibility of combination change is very much: figurative patterns, the same color color jump or transition, or for tile and other decorative materials do pattern embellishment and so on. Glass Mosaic has the advantages of soft tone, simple, elegant, beautiful and generous, chemical stability, good cold and hot stability. And there is no discoloration, no dust, light weight, strong bond and other characteristics, mostly used for indoor local, balcony outside decoration. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, water resistance, acid resistance should meet the national standards. Including crystal glass Mosaic, 3D glass Mosaic, Venus glass Mosaic, pearl light glass Mosaic, cloud glass Mosaic, metal Mosaic and other series.

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