Hollow glass brick is fused in the way of two pieces of glass glued together, and then use white glue and cement will close the gap, according to the glass brick size, size, pattern, color to do different design performance. According to the change of size can be designed in the home straight wall, curve wall and discontinuous wall glass wall. It is worth noting that in the large-area brick wall or the construction method with arc, the copper bar is needed to maintain the level of the brick, while in the small-area brick wall construction, special fixed frame needs to be placed on the corner of each glass brick connection. Hollow glass brick is a kind of sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, energy saving, light good non bearing decorative material. The chemical composition of hollow glass brick is advanced glass sand, soda ash, quartz powder and other silicate inorganic minerals. The raw material is melted at high temperature and made of fine processing. It has no radioactive substances, hydrocarbons, aldehydes and other irritating odor elements, and does not contain substances harmful to human body. It belongs to green building materials.

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