Glass brick is a large glass product made of transparent or colored glass material, or a hollow box. Its varieties mainly have glass hollow brick, glass solid brick. Glass brick styles have transparent glass brick, fog surface glass brick, grain glass brick, different types of glass brick, light refraction degree will be different.

Glass brick has good fire resistance and fire resistance.

Glass brick bathroom light, save electricity, let you bathe in the sun. Each glass brick is partially hollow, insulating it from external heat, flame and noise. In addition, glass bricks bring out the kitchen bright and transparent, transparent glass bricks allow daylight to enter, saving energy.

Glass tiles are used for exterior walls, partitions, corridors and passageways, inlays, ornaments, ceilings and floors.

A solid glass brick is made up of two glass bodies with a circular hollow in the middle. This kind of brick is mostly used in KTV, bars and other entertainment occasions. Solid glass brick color is more, most have no internal pattern, and other types of sand.

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