Metal Tiles

Metal tiles are surface coverings that are made from stainless steel, aluminum, copper, tin or metal resin. Most metal tiles have a protective coating to increase durability, making them stain and scratch resistant.

Metals are widely used in the field of building materials. Different technology can make the metal have different appearance effect.

Metal has its unique luster and texture, can dimensional space to bring a different expression.

We design and produce metal mosaics inspired by metal. Mosaic rich form, can provide designers with more imagination.

In addition, we also use precious metal powder as raw material, with master material, in the way of blending the real metal material brush on any base injury, but also can save a lot of construction time for surface modeling.

Aluminum metal is also worth your attention to the material, we used in the past in the field of aerospace aluminum metal technology applied in the decoration design, the effect is amazing.

There are metal products full of design sense, are worth your careful exploration.

Producing fine metal products requires experience and extraordinary attention to detail.

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