Charcoal Wood Wall Panel

After the deep carbonization of fire roasting, the surface formed natural cracking texture, not only can improve the water absorption of wood, but also can effectively prevent wood deformation, tide change, mildew, insects and other problems.

Deep carbonized anticorrosive wood is a real green environmental protection product, although the product has anticorrosive and insect-proof performance, but does not contain any harmful substances, not only improves the service life of wood, and will not be used in the process of production and waste disposal after use to human body, animals and the environment have any negative impact.

Deep carbonized wood is the intermediate of activated carbon production with activated carbon function and retain the characteristics of high-end wood, so that it has the function of purifying air.

Deep carbonized anticorrosive wood is widely used in wallboard, outdoor floor, kitchen decoration, mulberry room decoration, furniture and many other aspects. But not recommended for use in contact with water and soil. 

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