Lightproof Stone Slabs

Thin slate use the innovative German technology. It is made of slate, quartz mica, sandstone, limestone and other natural stones. The stone surface is coated with polyester glue, covered with high strength fiberglass and natural resin, then stripped down layer - layer from the original stone. The texture and layers of the stone are preserved, and all processes need to be completed by hand.

The thickness is 1-3mm, the weight is 1.5kg/m2. It has the advantages such as natural stone texture, super light, super thin, can bendable, translucent.

Maximize the utilization of materials, to save energy, reduce transportation and installation consumption to make a great contribution. Not only has it changed the history of using the stone for many years, but also because of its unique natural texture, super toughness and large bending characteristics, it has created more possibilities for stone decoration.

Features: More scope of application. Construction is simple and fast. Direct paste. cut easy. no transportation breakage. light, low transportation cost.

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