Translucent Stone Slabs

Translucent stone slab is one kind of thin slate. It is made of slate, quartz mica, sandstone, limestone and other natural stones. The texture and layers of the stone are preserved, and all processes need to be completed by hand. This stone slab is translucent, with the light at the back, it is very beautiful.

Translucent stone slabs has a wide range of applications, indoor and outdoor. Suitable for home decoration (such as background walls, doors, furniture, cabinets, ceilings, bathrooms, etc.), tooling (villa interior and exterior walls, hotels, guesthouses, clubs, bars, nightclubs, etc.). Can also be composite in different materials, such as: density board, cement board, gypsum board, metal board, plastic board, glass, acrylic board, honeycomb board, etc. When pasting, the transparent product should be pasted on the transparent material, such as glass, acrylic, etc., and then pasted to the working surface. When pasting, the plate should be 10~15cm away from the light source.

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