Stone Mosaic

Stone Mosaic is the mosaic of natural stone opening, cutting, grinding into a variety of specifications and forms of mosaic block collage, is the oldest and traditional mosaic varieties. The earliest mosaic is made of small stones mosaic and collage, stone mosaic has a pure natural texture, natural stone texture, natural style, simple, elegant, is the highest grade of mosaic family, according to the different processing technology, there are two forms of matte surface and bright surface. Specifications are square, strip, round, round and irregular plane, rough surface, etc. 

Using this material to decorate the walls or floors not only retains the rustic feeling of natural stone itself, but also enriches the pattern. Natural marble Mosaic is made of machine cut into small particles, pure handmade, due to the durability of Mosaic materials, not due to environmental time and peeling, discolor, belongs to high-grade decorative products, pure color, elegant and generous, with durable, never fade characteristics. Widely used in all kinds of building decoration, interior decoration, is the ideal high-grade decoration products.

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