Volcanic Rock Slab

Volcanic rock (also called extrusive rock) is one type of magmatic rock (igneous rocks) and is the condensated product of extrusive magma after diagenesis and compaction, which differ greatly from sedimentary rocks in forming conditions, environments, and distribution.

Because the matrices of volcanic rocks are harder than those of other rocks with relatively stronger abilities to resist compaction, mechanical compaction has less effect. 

Volcanic rock is formed from a volcanic explosion when the released lava cools from exposure to oxygen.This cooling process hardens the lava into rock form. You may find a lot of volcanic rocks on your hunts because they’re so plentiful on the surface of our planet.

There are several types of volcanic rock, but basalt, andesite, and rhyolite are more prevalent.Each type is unique because of its contents and explosive temperatures.Specifically, an essential content component in each magma type is silica.Silica, or silicon dioxide, makes up 95% of the known rocks on Earth. The most plentiful variation of silica is quartz.

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