Electroplating Volcanic Rock Slab

Volcanic stone (commonly known as pumice or porous basalt) is a kind of functional environmental protection material, which is a precious porous stone formed by volcanic glass, minerals and bubbles after the eruption. The electroplated volcanic rock surface is designed with imported volcanic rock substrate, which is highly polished to give the metal luster, increase the strength, and improve the wear and glossiness of the product. Electroplated volcanic rock is hard, no pollution, no radioactivity, but also can absorb sound and reduce noise, conducive to improving the auditory environment, and it is waterproof and non-slip. It is made of volcanic rock slice, with electroplating process, you can see its sense of granularity, the metal texture is very strong, the effect is very beautiful, and it has many colors and styles, it is a necessary choice for you to create a trend heavy metal square, and the use of lighting effect is very beautiful.

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