Volcanic rock (volcanic rock or pumice stone) is a kind of glassy lava with dense pores formed by the rapid expansion of internal gas due to the rapid reduction of pressure after the sudden cooling of magma in the process of volcanic eruption. The pore volume accounts for more than 50% of the rock volume. Because of the pores, light weight, can float on the surface of the water is called pumice stone. It is characterized by high strength, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, fire protection, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and no pollution, no radioactivity. 

Black volcanic rock can also reduce the building's own color paste to reduce the degree of frost on the surface of the material. Volcanic rocks are mainly used as building materials. They are mainly divided into slate and rubble. The colors of volcanic rocks are grayish black and deep red. Exquisite design, unique shape of the wall, in addition to become a highlight of the landscape, because of the volcanic rock has the characteristics of heat absorption, heat resistance, so it can reduce the building's own color paste close to reduce.

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