Foamed Ceramic

Foamed ceramic is a fascinating material characterized by its airiness, its open porous surface and cellular structure. By foaming the volume of the original ceramic material increases, generating structures that are lightweight as well as resilient. Foam structures can also be found in nature, like for instance in cell formation or human bone structure. Foamed materials are attractive because of their extended functional properties and material savings. However, conventional foam production processes in the ceramics industry are energy-intensive and problematic in terms of emissions.

Unlike asbestos and other ceramic fibers, foamed ceramic is completely harmless and is the best in insulation materials. . Its high strength and hardness also make it useful as a structural material for low-stress applications. 

In addition to its functional and technical properties, foamed ceramic also stands out for its aesthetic qualities. For example, the material is suitable for designing wall tiles for the interior. Compared to conventional ceramic tiles, they are characterised by their inner foam structure, which saves both material and weight. Due to the air retained in the cell structure, the tiles absorb the acoustic sound and also have an insulating effect. The porous surface collects excess moisture from the air and releases it as required.

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