Resin Mosaic

Resin Mosaic is a new type of environmental protection space accessories. Its features are hard texture, no fall off, no deformation, no water seepage, lasting effect. Good moisture-proof performance, convenient construction, has the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation on the wall. 

Resin Mosaic in imitation of wood grain, metal, cloth grain, wallpaper, leather grain and other aspects are vivid, can achieve the effect of the fake. The shape is also irregular, concave and convex, it can be rich in patterns, in order to achieve the artistic effect of other materials difficult to show.

Features: Flame retardant and fireproof, no radiation. Hard texture, no fall off, no deformation, lasting effect. High temperature resistance, freezing resistance. Convenient construction. No fading, no discoloration. Three-dimensional simulation, rich texture. 

Place of use: Home space: villa, luxury residential area and fashion home environment, including TV background wall, theme background wall, bedside background wall. Business space: hotel lobby, reception desk, channel, office buildings, apartments, senior leisure clubs, entertainment bars, KTV and so on.

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