Many people question what is terrazzo? To answer that question, it is a building material capable of forming many unique finishes. If to sum up the building material in one sentence, terrazzo is described as a composite material, poured in place or prefabricated for precast terrazzo which is used for flooring, base, walls, stair treads, countertops, and other custom products. Terrazzo consists of chips of marble, granite, quartz, glass, shell, or other suitable materials. It uses either a cement or epoxy matrix as the binder.

National landmarks like George Washington’s Mt. Vernon home, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum all have terrazzo. 

Airports are on board with using terrazzo to help guide passengers through the terminal and concourse areas. The use of colors and patterns provide visual cues for passengers. As a result, passengers know which direction to follow, while also reflecting upon a narrative of the city and its culture through the floor design. The largest benefit terrazzo brings to airports is its low-maintenance and longevity.

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