Terrazzo Slab

Terrazzo is the aggregate of crushed stone, glass, quartz stone mixed into cement bonding material to make concrete products after surface grinding, polishing products. Compared with the floor made of other materials, the biggest feature of terrazzo floor is that the brightness is very good. After the surface light highlighting treatment of terrazzo, its brightness can reach more than 70, with very good brightness. Terrazzo floor anti-skid performance is also very good, although its surface looks very smooth, but people walk on it, rarely slip. The hardness of terrazzo floors is about 6-8, and the quality of terrazzo floors may only be 6, while the quality of good terrazzo floors can reach 8, which is much higher than the floors made of other stones. In addition, terrazzo floor is not afraid of heavy rolling, not afraid of heavy dragging, no shrinkage deformation, good stability.

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