Clay Tiles

Clay tiles have a rustic charm and aesthetics that can easily add character and warmth to any space. They offer excellent insulation, which means they keep homes cool during summer while retaining heat during winter, making them an ideal choice for roofing or flooring. All elements of our clay tile roof solutions are tested and designed to offer value, visual appeal, and long-lasting performance. Our premium clay tiles giving the best quality and performance.

Clay roof tiles with natural clay or terracotta as the main component, quartz, feldspar, etc. As aggregate, after high temperature sintering to form civil construction wall brick, water absorption rate in 8% - 10%.clay tiles has a variety of specifications, the color is also varied, its characteristics are different because of differ in thousands ways of its application.

From the appearance, terra cotta tile is similar to the sintered bricks often used to build load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls in life. The red brick body is rough and thick, but in the process of application, it will be found that its brick structure will be more delicate, with even bubbles, stronger decoration, more stable and more solid. The bubbles formed on the surface of the clay ridge tiles after firing have a certain sound-absorbing effect. Whether used for the outer layer of the building or the interior, it can block a part of the noise, create a relatively quiet environment, so that people can enjoy the comfort.

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