PU Stone Panel

PU stone panel is made of the high density polyurethane (PU). The molds of such panels and sidings are duplicated from the real stones or bricks, so they look like the real ones but with many advantages they exclusively own, including lightweight, durable, economical and environment friendly as well as easy to install. PU stone panels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor wall decoration of home, office, shop, hotel, villa, public projects, mountain restoration etc. 

Produced from the formulated polyurethane (PU) mixed with the fire resistant and UV proof addictive, Sinomake PU faux stone panels have the perfect outlooks of real stones and rocks with their unique features, you can’t believe they are “faux” until you check them.

Our PU stone panels:

are nontoxic – formaldehyde is not used during manufacturing

Standard Class B Construction/Fire-rated material

Firerated Polyurethane is an option on many products.

no toxic fumes or gases are released made with water-based finishes and stains

use less energy during manufacturing than it takes to mine stone are virtually maintenance free

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