PET metal plate is a metal plate made of PET material. 

PET is a very common material in our life. Commonly known as polyester resin. It is a durable, strong, high toughness, moisture resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance of the material, this material is safe and environmental protection, will not produce toxic and harmful substances or gases, fully reached the food grade safety standards. PET material has many excellent properties, such as optical properties, film formation, weather resistance are excellent performance, in textile, paper, machinery, transportation, wharf, medical, coal, chemical and other fields are widely used, such as mineral water bottles, plastic wrap, edible oil packaging are used PET material.

PET metal plate is PET film composite base plate, the substrate can have many kinds of board, such as bamboo charcoal fiberboard, Europine board, density board, particle board, multilayer board and so on, the substrate and PET film after cold pressing equipment extrusion and lamination treatment, eventually formed on the market is very popular PET board. PET plate can be divided into two kinds according to the degree of bright surface, one is bright surface, the other is matte surface. 

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