Decorative Glass

Decorative glass is used for more than just a functional purpose—particularly if it is designed to be pretty or change the look of the space in which it is used—is decorative glass (also known as ornamental glass). Easily recognizable use of decorative glass might be frosted, colored or textured glass in doors, which can be found in residential as well as corporate buildings. Stained glass is also a type of decorative glass. The use of decorative glass can range from doors (especially shower doors) to stairways and hand rails, desks, tables and walls. Furniture made of glass is classified as decorative glass, as are shelves and floors made of glass.

We offer a large selection of decorative glass including colored, back painted, translucent, patterned, textured, mirrors and digital printing on glass. Decorative glass creates an opportunity to add a customized look to indoor and outdoor spaces, in and around office buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, retail spaces, homes and more.

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