Limestone belongs to the natural limestone, by hundreds of millions of years ago under the seabed debris, shells, coral and other Marine life impact, fusion, and after long-term crustal collision, extrusion and finally formed crystal stone. Due to different deposition years and dramatic changes in geothermal and crustal pressure, stone with different hardness and softness is called lime stone, its color has gray, gray white, black, yellow, light red, brown red and other colors. Limestones are made up of the fossilized shells of a large number of small shellfish billions of years ago, so they are also known as the "stone of life".

Lime stone can be roughly classified according to color: white lime stone, gray lime stone, brown lime stone, beige lime stone, yellow lime stone.

Lime stone according to the surface texture can be divided into: lime stone matte surface,lychee surface, brushed surface.

Features: Natural environmental protection, no radiation, hygroscopic and heat-absorbing, beautiful texture and color.

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